All of the enrichment courses at All Saints Academy are designed to teach concepts, skills, knowledge and awareness of the subject area that is appropriate to the age and development of the child.

The visual arts program builds and hones students’ observation and communication skills and encourages everyone to use his/her imagination. Students utilize different tools and learn various techniques to help develop their fine motor skills.  Class projects expose students to history, culture, our Catholic religion, and community through numerous art activities. There are many and diverse opportunities in which students, teachers and staff work together on schoolwide and cross-curricula projects so that art is incorporated into almost every aspect of the students' education.  Students also participate in local and national art contests.

The music program helps build an appreciation of music in all students.  Students experiment with voice and instruments while learning about music basics through creating, performing, responding, and connecting to artistic works.  As students sing songs and play instruments, they learn to identify basic standard notation as well as the elements of tempo, dynamics, rhythm and melody.  In addition to an exposure to various genres of music, students will also learn some hymns that will be sung at our weekly Masses.

The world language program at All Saints Academy focuses on Spanish and provides an exposure to the language and Latin cultures for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  While students in the lower grades begin by learning the basics of numbers, colors, etc. and progress to speaking and writing, all students are instructed in two domains, communication and linguistic culture, which leads to life-long learning.

Physical education at All Saints Academy is more than physical activity or fitness.  Students also learn about the importance of social and emotional health, safety and prevention, and personal and community health. Instruction often takes a cooperative approach rather than a competitive one, which encourages all students to participate in the activity.

Technology at All Saints Academy is incorporated into every classroom and is no longer taught as a separate and distinct subject.  Mostly as a result of necessity in light of recent events, students are communicating, learning, and submitting work on a student platform powered by Google.  Since every student has access to a device, the technology is always available in the classroom and each teacher instructs and models its use.