Students in Kindergarten through grade four learn in self-contained classrooms which provides them with a sense of security, structure and routine. Teachers ensure that their classrooms are nurturing environments where children feel comfortable, respected, and able to learn.  Classes begin with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and a kindness pledge in which students promise to be kind, accepting of others, participate in fair play and work together to solve problems.

In Kindergarten, the curriculum strives to balance direct instruction with learning through play and experience. In the elementary grades, the balance is between instruction and authentic experiences rather than play.  All students follow an academic program that includes religion, reading and language arts (phonics, spelling, grammar and writing), mathematics, science, social studies.  Special area studies include music, art, physical education and world language.  Students are provided with technology and the school boasts a ratio of 1:1 for student to device.  While technology is not offered as a special class, each teacher instructs on the use of technology in her classroom and incorporates it into daily lessons.