All Saints Academy seeks committed, qualified faculty and staff to work as a team to implement the school's mission, vision and core values.   Innovation, professionalism and collaboration are the keys to creating an environment that introduces new concepts and keeps the students excited about learning all while keeping the commitment to our Gospel values.


Photograph of Joan E. Matys
Joan E. Matys
Head of School
Photograph of Ellen Tagg
Ellen Tagg
Assistant Head of School
Photograph of Judy Wiklund
Judy Wiklund
Administrative Assistant

Faculty & Staff Directory

Stephanie Brown
Preschool Teacher
Liana Burren
Preschool Aide
Lynette Carron
2nd Grade Teacher
Kris Caruso
Music Teacher
Jenny Cronin
Preschool Teacher
Beth Crowley
Art Teacher
Nicole Denson
World Language, Library, Music (PK-2)
Lori Dewar
3rd Grade Teacher
Christine Dodd
1st Grade Teacher
Rebecca Gagne
Middle School Teacher
Laurie Heflin
Middle School Teacher
Sherri McFadden
Instructional Assistant
Linda Oakley
Middle School Teacher
Elaine Ormond
School Nurse
Richard Parmenter
Deborah Rafferty-Maple
Instructional Assistant
Barbara Reilly
4th Grade Teacher
Ann Rose-Foran
Kindergarten Teacher
Ann Scheffler
4th Grade Teacher
Lauren Tipple
Preschool Aide