A word from the Head of School…

All Saints Academy was in its infancy stage in 2018, having merged two years prior, when I began my work as Head of School.  Much has happened since then and we continue to grow and thrive.

I was originally drawn to the school because of its family appeal and connection to the community.  Having worked in the Diocese of Worcester for many years, as both teacher and administrator, I had a strong and clear vision of what a Catholic school should be.  All Saints Academy fit that vision.  Providing students with a solid academic foundation, coupled with a commitment to help form the whole child in the teaching of Gospel values was definitely part of that vision too.

Since joining the family, I have been witness to the dedication faculty and staff have to their students and their profession, and their collegiality is unparalleled.  We have the tremendous support of our Board of Trustees and close relationships with our two parishes, St. Louis and Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We have become stronger as a school and as a family, weathering a consolidation of campuses and a pandemic.  Our enrollment continues to grow because the word is getting out – our students are prepared for a lifetime of learning and serving others.

All Saints Academy is a school I would be proud to send my own children to.  Our parents know their children are ours when they are here.  I believe any new family would be proud to call us home too.


Yours in Christ,

Joan E. Matys, M.Ed.